How Not to Miss Your Flight to a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center

How Not to Miss Your Flight to a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center

You have finally made the decision to go to rehab.  After a lot of long thoughts and the admissions process, you have finally decided to get help. Your family is supportive of you entering rehabilitation.

As you get closer to the date of your departure, a thought enters your mind that you are not ready to get sober.  A part of you wants to and the other half of you says no.  There is an inner voice inside of you that says, “Should I go to rehab or continue my drug/alcohol use?”  It comes to decision making time and it is not easy.

Boarding a plane to go to rehab is a choice that you are going to have to make.  Many treatment centers ask their clients to come in for treatment as soon as you can.  This is mainly because a lot of people change their mind about rehab.  Rehab takes time and commitment. Many inpatient programs are between 30 and 60 days long.  It requires you to put your feelings on the line.  In rehab, you will have to speak with: therapists, case managers, drug and alcohol addiction counselors, other clients in treatment and your inner thoughts.

A lot of people that do not want to go to treatment at the last minute will normally miss their flight.  If you have accidentally missed your flight and really want to go for treatment, it is important that you tell the airline to put you on the next flight right away. Often, you can call the treatment center that you plan on attending and letting them know that you have rescheduled your flight for a later time.  They will often reschedule your pick up time.  There is nothing to be nervous about. Missed flights happen all of the time.

If you missed your flight purposely, let the treatment center know why you chickened out.  Let them understand your fears about coming in for treatment.  You are not the first person that ever feared going to rehab. This is a common feeling that most people have.  Change is scary.  Nobody likes to feel like they have to change anything about themselves or their life.  Life is a journey for most people.  Most people want to stay in their comfort zone. Know in the back of your mind that if you don’t change, you can actually end up dead at some point of a drug overdose or an alcohol    related death.

Believe it or not, many admissions counselors that work for drug and alcohol treatment centers have had past experiences of their own. They may have felt what you are feeling right now. It is important to be honest and let others know exactly what is happening inside of you. The sooner that you do this, the faster you will find a way out of your situation.





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