How to Deal with a Husband that Gets Drunk Regularly

How to Deal with a Husband that Gets Drunk Regularly

If you are dealing with your husband’s alcoholism on a regular basis, you are in pain. Spouses of alcoholics often make excuses for their loved one because they often don’t know what else to do. Often, wives feel like their husbands are drinking because of something that they did. However, alcoholism has a lot of deep roots to it. It is important to tell your husband that you are not going to put up with his laconism any longer. In order to change this behavior, you will need to give your husband an intervention. It is important to either hire a professional interventionist or try to do this on your own. Gather some loved ones that your husband knows cares for him. Have them write letters to your husband and call a gathering. It is important that you tell everyone that is coming to the intervention to write down a consequence of what will happen if your husband chooses not to go in for treatment. It is important that he knows and understands what he is going to lose if he continues drinking without getting any help. It is also important to follow through on the consequences or else your loved one will continue to drink.

If your husband is physically abusing you, it is important to get out of the situation. First, you must give your husband a warning that if he touches you again, you are going to call the police. Second, if he does hit you again, it is important that you call the police and leave the home if necessary. You must follow through on getting a protective order against your husband. If the court refuses to give you one, it is important that you move immediately.

Many battered housewives end up dead because they refused to leave an abusive situation. Love is not abusive. You cannot help your husband right now because he is under the influence of a drug. He may or may not be aware of what he is even doing when he is drinking alcohol. Many people that commit murder under the influence of a drug often are not aware of their actions. Usually people seek treatment after they have gotten a DUI or got arrested for something that they did related to their alcoholism. You must understand that you are not in any condition to help them. They must be treated at a professional rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol abuse. If you truly love your husband, you will leave because your husband is not himself right now.

If you continue to enable your husband by making excuses for him or enabling him by giving him money for alcohol, the problem will only get worse. It is also important to consult with loving family members that your husband knows loves him. This is mainly because they can help influence him to get treatment. Often, when loved ones come together, the addict listens. He knows what is important in life. Family, friends and loved ones are what makes us want to live to begin with.

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