How to Deal With the death of a Loved One that Overdosed

How to Deal With the death of a Loved One that Overdosed

Today, someone in the United States died of a drug overdose.  He or she may have been someone that you knew.  When someone that you love overdoses, it may feel like you have nothing else to live for.  Many wives, husbands and parents lose someone that they love to alcohol and drugs every single day.  Your experience is unique in the sense that nobody else knew that person the way that you did.  Every relationship is unique in the world that we live in.

Dealing with grief takes time, patience and acceptance.  Your first state is shock. You will often feel like the person is still coming back.  It may not even seem real. They were with you just a short while ago and now you are told that they overdosed on drugs or died of an alcohol related death.

Surround yourself with family, friends and loved ones that knew the victim. It is important to share your story with them.  Express your hurt, pain and love.  You will find a lot of comfort from people that are experiencing similar emotions as you are.  It is important to not be alone at this time.  Expressing yourself is an important part of dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The thought of a person never coming back again is frightening.  You are feeling something that a lot of others have felt that have lost someone to drugs and alcohol. It may not seem fair, but it is what happened.

Next, dig deep into your faith.  Ask God to help you to get through this tough time.  Our faith helps us to see that there is something else out there that is much bigger than ourselves.  We are not alone when it comes to dealing with life circumstances.

It is a good time to pay a visit to your pastor, minister or clergy.  Scheduling a counseling session will help you to privately get something off your chest.  You can express your anger, fear and pain with someone that truly cares.

Many grief therapists know how to talk to you about what you are experiencing right now.  You may be shocked to find out that therapists actually care about what you are going through.  They are not only doing it for a paycheck after all. Instead, they are there to help you in your time of trouble.

Speaking with friends and loved ones often helps us to see that we are not alone.   You may be surprised to find out that the people that you speak to, have also had a similar experience to yourself.

A drug overdose always seems to happen when we least expect.  Often, a friend or relative calls us to let us know that someone has died that we truly cared for.  It is never easy news to hear.

Journaling out your feelings also helps to relieve the pain of a lost one.  You may come to realize that you are not even aware of the feelings that are going on inside of you.  When you write them down on paper, they seem to make sense. All of a sudden, you begin to feel a sense of what is happening inside of you.  Eventually, you will feel like you are healing from your loss.

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