How to Get a Judge to Send You to Rehab Instead of Prison

How to Get a Judge to Send You to Rehab Instead of Prison

Your life has finally come to a place where you are having to go to jail because of your drug use.  You are scared because jail is known to be a place where a lot of hardened criminals go.  You are now wishing that you would have gotten help. However, it is now too late? Or is it?

rehab instead of jail

Many jails today are overcrowded and many states are seeing drug and alcohol rehabilitation as being a better alternative.  Instead of judges sending someone to jail for a drug related offense, they are choosing to send them to rehab.

Since jails do not rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts, it is wiser to send someone to treatment.  In this way, you can actually help solve the problem that is happening to begin with.

The first steps in trying to get a judge to send you to rehab instead of jail is to ask your lawyer to recommend this.  Your lawyer is going to have to convince the judge that sending you to treatment is more beneficial to sending you to jail.

Depending on what your crime is, many addicts can go into rehab instead of jail.  If your offense did not involve a crime such as taking someone’s life or inflicting injury on someone, you may have a chance at rehab instead of prison.

In some circumstances, your sentence may be 6 months.  Instead of sending you to prison, some judges would rather you spend your six months learning how to stay sober for life.  This is a much better alternative. This works especially well for young adults that may have had a problem with drug addiction from early ages.




Texas and California have used both drug/alcohol rehab in place of prison sentenced many times. These states have seen a much better turnaround for the people.  If the offender is sent to prison, they have a much likelier chance of returning to prison because they were never taught how to stay off drugs/alcohol to begin with.

It is important that you allow your lawyer to understand the reasons why you would rather go to rehab then to jail.  If you have never been to an alcohol/drug treatment center, now may be the time to do it.

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