How to Get Your Mother to Think Seriously About Her Alcoholism

How to Get Your Mother to Think Seriously About Her Alcoholism

Many children in the United States are watching their mothers alcoholism spin out of control.  Some kids are walking into their homes after school seeing their mothers passed out on the living room sofa drunk.  Often, children do not know what to do.  Their mothers often threaten them by saying, “If you tell anyone, you are going to be in big trouble!”  Here are a few tips for kids and young adults that are asking themselves the question, “How do I get my mother help for alcoholism?”

First, know that you are not to blame for your parent’s intoxication.    It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are.  Your mother has a problem that she cannot control and needs professional help.  The sooner that you get her help, the better she will feel.  Often, the best place for you to start is to call an alcohol and drug treatment center.  Some people refer to this as a drug and alcohol rehab.

A well-known treatment center is HARP in Singer Island, Florida.  A treatment center like HARP gives men and women a 30 day program in their facility.  It allows men and women to get clean and sober.   There is also the government website that helps people to find help for psychological and substance abuse.

You need to also talk to someone in your family.  Tell your aunt, uncle or another adult what is happening with your mom. She needs help and the sooner that you give her assistance, the better off she will be.  You are not doing anything wrong with getting your mom some help.  Tell your teacher also what is happening with your mom.  Your teacher has many resources in which she can provide help for you.

The worst thing that you can do is to say nothing.  Children often think that they are to blame for their parents drinking and drug problems. However, this is not true.  If you are a child reading this article, know that it is not your fault.

If you have already told your mom that she needs help and doesn’t get it, she is probably in denial.  Often, people have to go through phases in which they see that they have a problem.  The fact that your mother doesn’t think that she has a problem means that she needs an intervention to get her some help.

Many children in the United States face physical and emotional abuse from an alcoholic parent. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the children of the world.  If you know someone that has an alcoholic parent, it is necessary to report it.  Let someone know what you have seen and witnessed.  A child’s life is at stake and alcoholism is a serious issue.


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