How to Know When it is Time to Move on From What You are Doing Right Now?

How to Know When it is Time to Move on From What You are Doing Right Now?

As each day passes, we tend to do the same thing over and over again.  However, there comes a point when we may ask ourselves, “Am I supposed to be doing this anymore?”  Often this happens with jobs that we do and friendships that we encounter.  Sometimes it is time to move on from what we have been doing.

After careful thought, we must come to a decision of making a change.  Change is scary.  We never know what the outcome is going to be until we take action.  We can try planning ahead for years and find that our plans usually don’t turn out the way that we had planned.

People often spend years debating change.  Should I quit my job or keep it? What happens if I quit and have no money to survive on? What if I never succeed at what I am doing? The main emotion that we are seeing here is fear.  Fear is something that happens to most people when they face a dilemma of change.  The fear of the unknown is usually the cause of many issues.

When something seems like it is over, it often is.  If we no longer feel challenged, it is time to move on.  There comes a point where you must wave goodbye and say, “I am going to take a chance and start over again.”

Starting over again takes time, effort and will.  We must say to ourselves, “I am going to start over again because I need to.”  You feel like your time has ended.  You no longer feel happy or a sense of joy at what you are doing. It may be time to move on and say, “I am going to make peace with myself.”  If it is God’s will, your dreams will come together. If it is not, you will experience a sense of trying to do something else.

Why Not to Live in Fear?

What if you decided to not change your life?  Maybe the person will eventually leave you anyway. Maybe your job will fire you.  For whatever reason, they may see no reason to keep you.  There are not guarantees in life.  If something is not meant to be, it usually ends always.


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