How to Stay Sober During Christmas

How to Stay Sober During Christmas

Your family and friends are getting together for Christmas.  The holidays often bring out all types of delicious and gourmet food. It also brings out a lot of alcohol and spiked egg nog.  It is important to stay away from these types of drinks. You know that even one drink can send your addiction out of control.

It is important that you let your family and friends know that you are living a sober life.  People that don’t know that you had a problem with alcohol in your past are more prone to saying, “Hey, have a drink with me.”  It is important that they understand that your drinking lead you to a life that you now regret.

Instead of drinking alcohol, look at other beverages like juices, sodas and sparkling water.  Feel free to eat the delicious gourmet foods that are prepared for you.  It is a good time for you to explore different types of desserts, beverages and foods.

If someone is drinking alcohol around you, try to remember how it destroyed your life.  Psychologically remember what the alcohol did to you.  It may have lead you into rehab or an abusive relationship with your family.  Many ex-alcoholics that suffered from alcoholism say that their life was a living hell while they were drinking.  Once they got sober, they began living again.

For addicts, the holidays bring along all kinds of temptations and pain.  You may remember the family that you once had and lost because of your alcoholism. Try not to let it depress you.  Just remember this as being part of your past. You have the power to control your mind.  A book that can be helpful to read is, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.  This books helps your mind to stay positive.

Before going to someone’s house for Christmas, write down in a journal how you feel and what is upsetting you.  Often, journaling can get out emotions out. We can look at our journal and see what is happening inside of us.  Once we see our own feelings, we are more prone to working through what is troubling us.

Have a friend from an Alcoholics Anonymous group that you can call if you need to.  Having a support buddy over the holidays is a great way to stay sober. Often, alcoholics are going through the same emotions over the holidays. They are not easy to get through.

Remember to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during the Christmas season.  This is mainly because you have to stay grounded in your sobriety.  AA meetings remind us that we are responsible for staying sober.  It also reminds us to stick to our faith and not give up.

Attending church services are also a great way for people to stay sober during the holidays. Hearing a sermon helps us to understand that God loves us and wants to keep us sober.  When we connect our faith with sobriety, we tend to get through the holidays a lot easier.


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