How to Tell Your Mom that You Have a Drug Problem

How to Tell Your Mom that You Have a Drug Problem

If you are taking drugs on a daily basis and nobody knows about it, it is time to let someone know.  Your mom is often the person that is closest to you and the person that will love you through getting sober.

Many young adults today feel like they cannot talk to their parents about their drug addiction.  Being addicted to a drug is often embarrassing for families that don’t want anyone else to know what is happening in their family.  When your body gets addicted to a drug, it is hard to get off of it.  Your body often goes through withdrawal and your mind begins to feel a sense of loss.

Moms are often the first people to call a drug and alcohol treatment center.  They usually care for their children the most out of anyone else on the planet.  When a child feels the love of a mother, they usually respond to her requests.  If mother can find a rehab program that is appropriate for her child, she will do it.

Sometimes it is not easy to tell your mom that you have been taking drugs. Chances are she already knows or at least suspects it.  Know that your mother will always love you.  You cannot change that. A mother’s love for her child is unique in the sense that she will always look out for her children.  Your mother held you in her arms when you were born and will continue to do so for the rest of your life.  She is there for you.

If you cannot tell her verbally, it is best to write down in a letter what you are going through.  Some people prefer texting.  Either way, you will get your point across.  Your mom is seldom surprised at what she is hearing from you.  She often knows exactly what is happening in your life.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Take it one step at a time.

There is no shame in admitting that you have gotten yourself in a bit of a jam.  It is important to tell your mother how you feel.  Admitting that you have a drug problem is brave. Most people will never admit that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The fact that you are admitting that you have a problem says a lot about your character.









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