How Treatment Centers Can Handle People that Don’t Show Up For Treatment

How Treatment Centers Can Handle People that Don’t Show Up For Treatment

You have just spent the last week talking to someone that was supposed to come in for treatment.  You spent many hours on the phone listening to the person crying about their drug and alcohol problem.  You have finally showed them an opportunity to get help from a treatment program.  You have scheduled them to come in on September 15.  However, September 15 comes around and they don’t show up.  There is nothing more devastating for an admissions counselors than hearing this news.

Unfortunately, treatment centers around the world deal with this issue on a weekly basis.  In order to deal with clients that are giving you the brush off, it is important to understand why they are doing this to begin with.  For starters, it takes a commitment to get yourself to come into a treatment program.  Often, treatment centers don’t spent enough time with the loved ones of the addict.  If the addict feels that his family will keep on enabling their habit, they are less prone to commit to a rehab program.  You have to get the family members of the addict to understand that they must encourage the potential client to go to rehab.  People often decide to enter treatment when they see no other alternative.  Their families are no longer enabling them by giving them money.  They have run out of resources and have hit rock bottom.

People that back out of rehab often do so because they see no reason to come.  Perhaps they agreed to enter into your program to please someone at the moment.

If someone did not show up for treatment, it is important to call them and encourage them to still come.  Often, people are afraid of treatment because it forces them to change.  Nobody likes change.  It often involves you having to change your behaviors on a daily basis.

Try to be as patient as you possibly can.  Your potential client may be reacting to something that he/she heard about rehab.  For many, treatment is lifetime commitment.  Addicts know that once they enter treatment, they cannot go back to their old ways again.

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