Is God Angry at You for Your Past Sins?

Is God Angry at You for Your Past Sins?

People often beat themselves up for their past sins. Most people believe that God will not forgive them for the past sins that they have committed.  Often, guilt and shame become part of a person’s life that is saved by Jesus.  Christians will often feel guilty by the life that they once lived.

Does Jesus want us to feel guilty for our sins?  The answer to this question is no.  Jesus does not want us to live by guilt. Instead, he wants us to feel free because he died for our sins and through him, we go to heaven to be with him when we die.

Since we are saved, does it mean that we should live in sin?  No.  Sin will eventually destroy your life and you will lose your connection with God.  In order to deal with your sins, it is good to become born again.  Born again simply means that we are learning how to live according to God and not according to whatever we feel like doing.

People that live a life doing whatever they feel like, often feel separated from God and feel guilty about their actions. They often do not feel forgiven for their sins because they don’t care what God thinks to begin with.

The only way to learn Godly ways of living is through the Holy Bible.  If a born again Christian begins to live in sin, he/she knows in their heart that what they are doing is sinful and against God.  God wants you to repent of your sin.  Once you do, he forgives you.  You will probably feel guilty for the sins that you committed, but God does forgive you!

Repentance is not just saying, “God forgive me and then doing the same thing over again.”  True repentance is a change of mind.  It is acknowledging your mistake and turning away from ever doing it again.

Many sins keep people captive.  They are extremely difficult to repent of.  These sins often keep people bound by their sin.  Some people find it hard to repent of certain sins because the temptations are too hard to resist. A temptation is something that causes us to want to commit the action that we know is wrong.  Often our temptations cause us pain and sorrow.








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