Is Grandmother Enabling Your Son to Do Drugs?

Is Grandmother Enabling Your Son to Do Drugs?

You have finally had it with your sons drug use.  You gave him a choice. Either stop using drugs or get out of the house.  He chose to get out of the house and move in with your mother.  Many young men try living with their grandmothers when they decide not to kick their drug habit.  They often feel that grandma will allow them to do drugs and not ask many questions.  It is common for a drug addict to run to someone that will enable them to continue in their habit.

Many grandparents today decide to take in their drug addicted grandchildren because they are trying to help them.  Grandparents often feel that they can offer good advice and a safe place to live.  Perhaps they watched your son growing up with problems in your home.  Grandparents often want to feel like they are the savior of the family.  This savior mentality can be troublesome.  The more your child is enabled to do drugs, the less likely they are to become sober.

It is important that you speak with the grandparent of your child. Let them know that what they are doing can actually send your child into a drug overdose.  Help them to understand that they are enabling your child to do drugs as well.

Grandparents will often take care of your child in their home. They will often give them a reason to smile and to be happy.  Grandparents are usually easier going than parents are.  This is not good for anyone that is addicted to drugs.  Tough love is usually the only way to get someone off drugs.

Give grandmother a book on why it is not a good idea to enable someone to do drugs.  Grandparents often do not understand what enabling even does. When your son asks their grandparent for $20.00, it is because they are often wanting to buy drugs with the money.  They are usually not using the money to go and buy a pizza at the corner.  The more that the grandparent understands what your son is doing with the money, the better.  Hopefully, they will see that your son cannot live with them because it will ultimately destroy their life. Explain to them why they had to leave your home to begin with.  Also let them know that they are not being the hero of the situation because your son could actually die of a drug overdose.

Once a grandparent understands the severity of the situation, they are more prone to talking about it.  You may have to take the grandparent to a drug and alcohol treatment center to let her speak with a drug counselor.  Perhaps he can let her see how serious the situation really is.




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