Is it Possible to Get Brain Damage from Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Is it Possible to Get Brain Damage from Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Many people that go through rehab often have physical pains and ailments even after they are finished with a 30 day inpatient program. People often wonder if they have some sort of permanent brain damage. Many men and women suffer from dementia, memory loss, blacking out and other ailments. It is possible to get brain damage from taking drugs and alcohol.
Your cells get effected by consuming alcohol. This includes brain cells. Every time that you drink alcohol, it effects every cell in your body. People that drink large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can experience permanent brain damage.

Many people see marijuana as a safe drug to smoke and even eat. However, some long term symptoms that are common with people that smoke weed are: paranoia, memory loss, decreased problem solving abilities and much more.

What is brain damage? It is an alteration in your brains chemistry. It is deleterious to the natural functioning of your brain. When people think about brain damage, they often think of car accidents causing them or some type of a fall. However, drugs and alcohol can do damage as well because they tend to either slow or speed up the natural process of the brain. Drugs that are known to do this are benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine and heroin.

Getting tests for brain damage can often be difficult. It is best to start talking to your medical doctor in order to see if there are any tests that are available for you. In some cases, brain tests may include: imaging tests, measurements for level of traumatic brain injury and speech/language tests.

Some computerized testing is now available as well thanks to modern day technology. These tests may include:

• Computerized tomography
• Magnetic resonance imaging
• Intracranial pressure monitoring

If you think that you may have experienced some kind of brain damage, it is important to talk about it. You may or may not have brain damage. If you get tested and no damage is found, you may in fact get relief from different psychiatric drugs that are on the market. Psychiatrists know and understand depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and so forth. Often, people do not consult with a professional concerning their symptoms.

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