Is Wheatgrass Any Good for an Alcohol Detox?

Is Wheatgrass Any Good for an Alcohol Detox?

Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL says that wheatgrass should be drank every day.  He swears by the health effects that you will experience if you take just one ounce a day.

Cancer survivors like Kris Carr of include wheatgrass in their diet every single day. Many people that take wheatgrass on a regular basis say that it reverses illness and gives you more energy.

Did you know that it also stimulates circulation?  If your blood has high quality, it actually gives your bones and muscles more strength and firmness. Wheatgrass contains all minerals known to man and vitamins such as A, B complex, C, E, I and K. Just one ounce of it juiced is equal to five pounds of leafy green vegetables.

Detoxing from alcohol takes time.  Learning to give your body healthy, nutritious food is the best way for you to learn how to keep yourself healthy. Drinking wheatgrass during detox will give your body the nutrients that it needs.

Wheatgrass has other healing effects such as: purifies the liver, improves blood sugar problems, promotes healthy skin, acts as a detergent for the body, keeps your hair from graying and improves digestion.  Read this article at if you want to know more of the healing effects of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is not the best tasting. Most people avoid drinking it because of the taste.  If you can deal with the taste for a minute out of your day, you can be happy to know that your body is relaxed and refreshed after drinking just an ounce of it.

In order to detox safely from alcohol, you need to be under the care of a physician in a professional detox center such as Sunrise detox.  You can have a seizure if your alcohol detox is not handled correctly.  Some detox centers use wheatgrass and others do not.  It is best to check with an alcohol and drug addiction clinic to learn more.  Detoxing from alcohol often takes 7 to 10 days.

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