Is Your Eighteen Year Old Son Addicted to Drugs?

Is Your Eighteen Year Old Son Addicted to Drugs?

If your eighteen year old son is using drugs today, chances are he has been using them for a few years now.  According to, people that use drugs as a juvenile, are at a greater risk of becoming a drug addict later on in life.  Drug addiction often comes in phases.  At first, your child may have been introduced to a drug such as cocaine, heroin or crack cocaine.  It is important that you have a sit down talk with your child. Let them know that you can see that they have a drug problem. Next, it is important to get them some help.  Many parents today are choosing to turn a blind eye to their child’s drug addiction.  However, this only causes them to become harder drug addicts later on in life.  If you read about substance abuse from a treatment center, you will find that children that use drugs often become adults that use drugs.  The statistics show that if your child starts using drugs early in life, they will be drug users in their adulthood as well.  However, putting your child into a good alcohol/drug treatment program may in fact turn their life around.

Drug treatment centers teach your children about staying sober.  It teaches them how to live in a chaotic world without drugs.  You may have already watched your child go through withdrawal episodes, stealing from you for drugs, using a drug for a certain period of time and not caring about themselves.

It is not uncommon to hear about an 18 year old that was molested as a child.  It is common that your child may be turning to drugs because of it.  Your child may have had a situation in which they felt alienated from the family.  Often, low self-esteem causes someone to become a drug addict.

Scientists are also discovering that drug abuse often runs in families.  It can be hereditary for your child to be on drugs as well. If his mother or father took drugs, there is a good chance that he will take drugs as well.  This is for several different reasons.  Genetics do often play a role in your child turning to drugs.

Without your child being exposed to drug education, they will most likely continue to use drugs. Educating someone about the harmful effects of a drug is usually the best way of opening someone’s eyes to leaving their addiction behind them.  Giving them stories of peel that overdosed on drugs is a good way to let them see the reality of what can happen to them if they continue down their path.

A lot of teenagers these days are using cold medications as a drug and prescription medication.  Other common street drugs are heroin, crystal meth and marijuana.  If you don’t know for sure if your child is using drugs, watch out for some signs. Some signs can be: asking you for money on a daily basis, mood swings, poor focus, poor personal hygiene and much more.



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