It is Fun to Have a Drug Free Halloween Party

It is Fun to Have a Drug Free Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner.  Lots of people will be going to parties with their friends and family members.  These parties often have a lot of liquor, beer and other alcoholic beverages.  If you are sober and looking to stay that way, it may be best for you to throw your own sober Halloween party.  Many ex-drug addicts and alcoholics look forward to drug free parties.  To get started, make your party fun.  Ask everyone that you want to invite to wear a Halloween Costume. Make sure it is mandatory.  Everyone has to show up in a costume. Next, have your food catered by a professional chef. Tell them what types of food you like. Some people prefer finger foods and others like to have full open buffets.  No matter what you choose, I am sure your guests will enjoy themselves.

For entertainment, start your guests off by having a social moment. Invite a comedian to your home that can entertain your guests.  You will find everyone having a good time with laughing and not thinking about alcohol and drugs. Make sure to have plenty of refreshments such as soda and fruit juices.  Some people like to have a non-alcoholic punch bowl as well.

It is important that you keep your guests entertained. The more that their mind is entertained, the less likely they are to think of alcohol and drugs.

If your crowd is more into a quiet setting, it is important to give them a scary movie to watch. Remind them of the holiday and that you can still have fun.  Some favorites are the movie Halloween and Friday the 13th. Any scary movie will do. If your guests are more spunky and party animals, it is important to hire a DJ. You can have a lot of fun dancing sober.  You can have a dance contest and give the winner a prize.

Entertain your guests with funny jokes and conversation.  In order to make the party more fun, add sobriety stories.  Have a few guests stand up and tell their story of why they decided to become sober.  You can make this both a fun and educational party at the same time.


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