Lamar Odom: A Basketball Legend Unconscious

Lamar Odom: A Basketball Legend Unconscious

According to, Lamar Odom has slipped into an unconsciousness state according to (  He was only 35 years old.  Apparently he was spending some time at a place called the Love Ranch Brothel in Las Vegas Nevada.  He was taking a Viagra substitute.  The basketball star was found unconscious and was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas.

The 911 report said that a woman called in saying that Lamar was found with mucus coming out of his nose and mouth.  He was stabilized at Parhump Hospital and the paramedics tried to take him to a trauma center.  However, he could not fit in the helicopter.

It is sad to hear stories where people are in pain because of some type of an addiction.  It is speculated by some people that he was taking crack cocaine.  It is hard to say at this point what happened to Lamar Odom.  We will have to wait for the full report.  However, many celebrities are losing their lives to drugs.  Often, the stresses of life cause someone to turn to alcohol and drugs.   Stars like Elvis, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe also died of drug overdoses.

It is also sad to hear that Lamar’s best friend Jamie Sangouthai died of a heroin dose not long ago.  This was reported by both TMZ and US weekly.  Heroin is becoming a problem in the United States once again.  It was once thought of as being a 1970’s drug, but now is resurfacing over the past few years.  Many other celebrities have died of a heroin overdose to include: River Phoenix, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jim Morrison.

The reason why heroin kills people is because their body forgets to breathe.  Heroin causes a person to become sleepy and calm.  If someone takes too much of it, they can fall asleep.  When you are sleeping, your repertory drive closes down.  When people normally fall asleep, their body remembers to breathe.  However, it works differently with heroin. If someone takes too much heroin, their body forgets to breathe.

Heroin makes your blood pressure drop and it can make your heart fail.  Heroin makes the drug user feel calm and happy at the time that they are using the drug.  It is so addictive that your body continues to crave more each time because it takes more heroin to reach your high. If not helped through rehab, a person can die.  People have died of heroin at all different ages.

Crack cocaine does the opposite. Crack cocaine actually speeds up your heart rate and can cause someone to have a heart attack.  It is not uncommon for people to hear about a person having a heart attack after they have taken cocaine.  Cocaine is so lethal that it can actually kills someone on their first use.



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