What to Look for in a Treatment Facility

What to Look for in a Treatment Facility

Choosing the right treatment facility is an important step in embarking on a successful journey to recovery. Determining the right one can be a daunting endeavor, with a seemingly endless amount of choices. However, there are a number of important things you can look for in order to determine if the treatment facility you are interested in is right for you.

Research the Facility

Take the time to thoroughly research the facility or facilities you are thinking of going to. Find out if they are accredited and licensed. If they are accredited, find out what accreditation(s) they hold. The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) are the two most common accreditation agencies. In order for a facility to be accredited they must adhere to rigorous standards.

A thorough review of the facility’s treatment programs, clinical practices, and outcomes are assessed. In addition, achieving accreditation through one of these agencies is typically a prerequisite for state licensing. Determining whether a facility is accredited is one of the first steps in knowing whether a facility is operating at the highest standards and providing a superior level of care for its patients.

Visit the Facility

Schedule an appointment to visit the facility. It should be clean, well maintained, and well staffed. The facility should demonstrate that a continued level of care has been implemented. When observing the facility, think about whether you would be comfortable staying there for the duration of your stay.

Most inpatient treatment plans last between 30 and 90 days. Ensure the facilities would be adequate for you during that period of time. At the same time keep in mind that the goal is your recovery. The facilities should be comfortable and relaxing.

Get to Know the Staff

When researching the right facility for you, the level of care you are going to receive is directly correlated to the level of training and temperament of the staff. When you visit the facility, spend some time to get to know the staff members. Ask about the qualifications of medical staff at the facility. Ask about what education and training requirements the facility has for staff.

Also inquire about the availability of physicians at the facility. Ensure that there are high standards of training and education and that the medical professionals are easily accessible and available during your stay there. Get a feeling for how comfortable you are with staff members at the facility: do they seem happy? Do you feel comfortable receiving care from them? How do they treat you and speak to you?

All of these are important considerations in determining if a treatment facility is right for you. Since the staff at a facility is your primary point of contact it is important that you feel that they are there to help you through your recovery.

Inquire About Treatment Plans / Options

While there are many different paths to recovery, finding the right one for you can greatly increase your chances of success. Determine the specific ways that the facility seeks to address addiction and recovery.

Ask about what different treatment options are available to you at that facility. Does the philosophy of treatment at the facility work for you? Find out what modalities of treatment the facility offers. Do they utilize dual diagnosis treatment? Do they offer cognitive behavior therapies? Do they incorporate holistic approaches such as yoga or meditation? And do they offer training programs in life skills that can help smooth the road to life outside of the treatment facility?

These are important considerations, and it is vital that you determine whether the treatment facility has the resources available for you to recover. While exploring the treatment options that a facility offers also ask how they determine success and track the outcomes of patients. Find out if there is continuing support after inpatient treatment, and explore how and what that support encompasses.

When exploring options for treatment, it is equally important to consider both yourself and the facility in question. Do you see yourself fitting in there? Do you feel comfortable with the level of care and the facilities provided for your needs? Ultimately, the treatment facility is a vehicle for you to utilize on your road to recovery. Recovery from addiction is a life-long process, and in order to experience success you will need to trust the staff and organization.

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