Marilyn Monroe’s Drug Overdose: What We Know Now

Marilyn Monroe’s Drug Overdose: What We Know Now

Marilyn Monroe was one of Hollywood’s most loved celebrities.  Even to this day in 2015, she is remembered. Even though she died in 1962, her death is still remembered.  The Los Angeles police said that her death was caused by an overdose of sedative drugs.  They said that she may have committed suicide.

In the 21st century, we understand drug addiction a lot more than we did in 1962.  The fact is that when a person gets addicted to drugs, they are doing it in order to hide from their inner demons that haunt them.  Prescription drugs are often a known killer for celebrities that overdose from them. Mainly because they are prescribed by a doctor and nobody often questions a doctors recommendations.  A lot of celebrities feel safe behind these types of drugs because they are not known illegal street drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Marilyn Monroe showed early signs of why she would later become a drug addict.  Here are some of the facts about her life:

  • Her mother was frequently in asylums in order to battle her emotionally unstable life.  (We now know that mental disorders are often hereditary from one generation to the next).
  • She was raised mainly by foster parents and in orphanages.
  • Marilyn Monroe married young at the age of 16 and got divorced shortly thereafter.
  • She posed nude for a calendar in 1949.
  • She married baseball player Joe DiMaggio in 1954 and divorced only 8 years after.
  • She married again in 1956 to a playwright named Arthur Miller.
  • She divorced Arthur Miller in 1961.
  • Marilyn Monroe was under the care of a psychiatrist in 1961 for depression.
  • Her last days were spent mostly in reclusion at home.

Reading the facts above, we can clear see a hereditary effect from her mother.  Her depression only got worse as her mother’s did as well.  Marilyn may not have only been battling drug addiction, but also a mental illness that she was born with or inherited from her parent in some sort of way.

Drug addiction specialists often see a patter in families when it comes to addiction. Often, if a parent has a problem with alcohol, the child will as well.

If your mother was in an asylum and you were raised in orphanages, you already feel a sense of neglect.  Your mind, body and spirit may feel like nobody cares about you.  This s typical in an addict’s life. These feelings of abandonment seem to be common for most addicts.

In Marilyn Monroe’s days, treatment centers were unheard of.  People did not know how to deal with drug addiction.  Most people thought that a person just took drugs because they wanted to feel good.  People did not understand why Marilyn wanted to take prescription medication to begin with.

She also did not have a loving family around her or loved ones to support her in keeping sober.  Drug treatment centers now know that an addict must feel that they have a loved one around them in order to want to stay sober.  Family support is one of the most important aspects of staying sober.  Marilyn was not married at the time of her death and had no mother, father or siblings for support.  She was also said to be having an affair with either John or Robert Kennedy.

It is clear that a lack of love was missing in Marilyn’s life at the time of her death.  Most addicts that overdose seem to have a lack of family support around them when they die.  Accidental overdoses are usually just accidents.  Many experts believe that Marilyn Monroe’s death was a suicide and not an accident.

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