Molly: The Party Drug That Will Destroy Your Son/Daughters Life

Molly: The Party Drug That Will Destroy Your Son/Daughters Life

The drug molly is an illegal stimulant that is considered a party drug.  It is a lot like ecstasy in the sense that people usually take it at parties.  Molly comes in a pure powder form called MDMA.  This is also the main chemical used in the drug ecstasy.  Some entertainers make molly a verse in their music.  There were at least 4 related molly deaths in NYC in 2013.

Many parents have heard the name Molly often thinking that it was their daughter’s friend or son’s girlfriend. However, it is no girlfriend. It is in fact a dangerous drug that has proven itself to be deadly to some.

A lot of Molly addicts think that the drug is harmless and not as addictive as cocaine or heroin. However, many people take Molly in order to feel a “buzz”.  Molly gives you a long high.  You can often buy it on the street for around $20.00 a pill. Some experts say that the drug is primarily produced in China and is now flooding the United States and Europe.

An alarming statistic being reported on some blogs on the internet is that 80-90% of the chemicals in the drug molly in the United States are not even molly.  It is another substance. Many drug addicts that use molly have reason to worry that they may not even be buying molly even though drug dealers are telling them that it is molly.

The singer Miley Cyrus said that her song “We Can’t Stop” was a reference to the drug Molly.  A lot of teens and young adults using Molly think that it is okay to use this drug because it is not like using crack cocaine. However, the truth of the matter is that you are not even taking MDMA half of the time. You are taking a substance that nobody even knows what it is.

If you have a son or daughter that is taking this drug, tell them about the harmful effects that the drug can do to them.  Encourage your loved one to go into a rehab facility that can help them to get off this drug.  Molly is one of the most disguised drugs for being a happy drug to take at party.


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