Moms: They Often Feel Powerless Against Drug Addiction

Moms: They Often Feel Powerless Against Drug Addiction

Moms across the United States of America often feel powerless against addiction because they don’t know what to do. How can you help your son or daughter that is on drugs? Most mothers feel like they are obligated to give their child money when they ask for it. Even though they know that they are enabling their child’s drug use, they still do it.
A story that I recently came across was about a woman by the name of Laura. She was a young woman that was bright, outgoing and loving. She got her master’s degree in library science. She was even a program director at Sarah Doyle Women’s Center at Brown University. Laura seemed to have the best life. She had many friends and loved writing, music and photography. Everyone saw her as being okay.

Everything with Laura seemed perfect. However, she fooled a lot of people because she was a highly functioning drug addict. Nobody knew that she had a drug problem. Laura’s mother tells her story of losing her daughter when she was just 38 years old. Laura started to experiment with drugs when she was in her mid-20. Her mother did not find out about how severe her addiction was until she died. This is a sad story shared by millions of mothers all over the world. Most parents are unaware of how bad their child’s addiction really is. Sometimes, parents have no idea how much cocaine, heroin and alcohol their children are truly taking.

Laura had a rough background from the beginning. She was adopted and had both anxiety and depression. Shockingly, Lauras mother visited her a week before she died. When she was visiting her daughter, she saw no sign of drug addiction. She was showing emotions such as happiness and excitement. Her daughter looked happy, healthy and strong. She even said that she had quit smoking cigarettes. Everything seemed perfect. However, Laura was hiding her deep secrets of drug abuse from her mom. Sometimes, children lie to their parents when they are addicted to drugs. They don’t want to upset them. Often, parents have no idea what is really going on in their child’s life.

Many parents see an addicted person as someone that is out of control and acting addicted. If you ever saw the movie, The Basketball Diaries, you may remember Leonardo DiCaprio stealing from his mother and acting completely out of control. The actor played the role of a teen addicted to drugs. He was out of control and he was your typical drug addict. Someone that is educated, successful and appears healthy are usually not the people that you suspect having a drug problem.

It is good for a mother to get close to their child’s friends. Get to know who they are hanging out with. Once their friends feel like they can trust you, they often are willing to tell you what your child is really up to. Often, the friend of a drug addict wants to help them. However, they often do not know where to turn either.

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