My Boss is Addicted to Painkillers

My Boss is Addicted to Painkillers

Our highly trained staff has received phone calls from employees who say “my boss is addicted to painkillers” or “he is an alcoholic”. They don’t know how to handle the situation and care about the individual. HARP knows how to handle these situations. Let’s examine the background of this problem and how it should be approached.

Drug abuse is becoming more and more common in the workplace. An alarming number of drug abusers are functioning addicts. This means they are still able to hold down a job and fulfill most of their responsibilities while they are under the influence. Many of these individuals will not admit that they have a problem. Others may not believe their problem is serious because they are still able to function. However, drug abuse in the
workplace can be dangerous, it can be uncomfortable for other employees, and it can cause a decrease in productivity.

My Boss is Addicted to Painkillers – Do the Research

No one welcomes the challenge of confronting someone about their drug addiction, especially when that person is their boss. However, for the benefit of that person – and the entire company – it must be done. If you have noticed a problem and have silently wanted to find help for your boss, we are here to provide you with some answers.

Before pulling your boss aside, do some research and find out what treatment methods are available. You can also find out what the programs will cost and how effective you can expect them to be. At HARP Palm Beach, we offer a wide variety of treatment methods that help us reach different individuals. All our programs are client-based, which means that we design each person’s treatment program specifically for them, to meet all of their recovery needs.

We also help individuals achieve sobriety quickly and effectively. Many people who try 12 step methods to recovery end up failing and relapsing over and over, because the program was not designed for them. Our programs help patients get sober the first time, by using methods that work, which allows our clients to get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

If the drug addict you are concerned about is the boss of a company, it means that they have a reputation to maintain. Our treatment professionals understand the need for confidentiality, and we have policies in place to ensure each client’s privacy.

Use a Respectful Approach

Once you are familiar with the treatment options that are available, you will feel more comfortable approaching your boss. Find a time when you can talk in private. Let him or her know there is a problem and you want to assist them in finding help. Then you can tell them about the options that are available to a professional like them, and offer to help them contact the facility. Be respectful and caring, rather than accusing and
degrading. Above all, be confident, knowing that you are doing what is best for your boss and the company.

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