Ozzy Osborne: A Constant Battle of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Ozzy Osborne: A Constant Battle of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Almost every person on the planet has heard of the legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne.  He has sold over 100 million albums and was a member of the group Black Sabbath.  He unfortunately got fired from the group Black Sabbath because of his drug and alcohol use.

According to https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/ozzy-osbourne-ive-been-back-1835927 , the rock star had a falling out with alcohol once again back in 2013.  He was originally sober from drugs and alcohol for around 10 years and then went back into drinking again. Mirror.co.uk reported that he was 44 days sober after a depression episode happened for around 18 months.

Like many addicts, Ozzy seems to have his own share of struggles in his own life.  Every ex-alcoholic and drug addict knows that recovery is for the rest of your life.  Just because you get out of a rehabilitation program, you still have to attend weekly AA meetings or meetings to help you keep up with sobriety.  It is a daily battle that many addicts have to face forever. The fact that his two children had problems with substance abuse as well proves the fact that drug and alcohol addiction runs in families.  Many experts say that it is hereditary and often passed down from generation to generation.

Ozzy even said that he was not acting nice to his wife and family.  His wife of 33 years (Sharon) and he split up for around 3 weeks at the time that he was drinking again. Often, addicts turn to drinking and drugs when they feel like they are under pressure or anxiety.

When a person goes into treatment at a drug/alcohol facility, they are often given psychiatric medication to help their anxiety or depression.  A psychiatrist can keep you off illegal drugs and alcohol.  Often, addicts self-medicate themselves and need to be under the care of a psychiatrist for life.

The good news about Ozzy is that he was married to his wife for 33 years.  The fact that he was married for that long says that he is capable of having commitment.   Most addicts struggle with commitment and accountability.   The fact that Ozzy was able to have a strong marriage with love and children that love him says a lot.  Every addict can have their fall every now and then.  It is often a painful experience.

It is a good thing that the rocker asked for support from his fans and friends.  He doesn’t have any siblings that can support him during rough times. He mainly has his wife, children and others that love him.

It is important to help support someone that is having a difficult time with drugs and alcohol.  Drugs and alcohol are a difficult battle for life.  When friends and family support you, you can overcome anything in life. If you are having trouble with an addiction, make sure that you ask someone for help.


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