Psychic Hotline Addiction is a Problem for Thousands of Women Worldwide

Psychic Hotline Addiction is a Problem for Thousands of Women Worldwide

Psychic hotlines got their start in the 1980’s.  In the 1990’s, most people can remember hearing commercials to call the Mrs. Cleo hotline.  She was most famous for the phrase, “Call me now for your free reading.”

The psychic hotline is an addictive place for many women because it is available to you 24 hours a day. Every call is confidential and your name remains anonymous to the psychic.  You can talk all day about your problems and how to find your solutions for them.  It is not uncommon to hear of someone spending $30,000 a year or more on telephone psychics. After all, callers pay a price per minute. The fee is often $1.99 to $19.99 a minute.  Most psychic lines give you 3 minutes for free when you first call.  This is meant to entice the caller and get them to pay more money with the psychic.

Psychic hotline addiction includes symptoms such as: not being able to function in everyday life unless you speak with your spiritual adviser on the phone, depression if you don’t have enough money to call a psychic reader or anger that the person on the phone did not tell you what you wanted to hear.

Psychic addictions often cost people their entire life savings.  Most people get addicted to psychics because they always act like they are your friend on the phone. They are someone that you can dump on when you are feeling lonely and angry about something.  People often love the psychic hotline because they built friendships with the person that they are talking to on the telephone.

Psychic addiction can start at any age.  Often people turn to psychics for help when they feel like something is going on in their life that they cannot understand.  They often feel like they need someone to talk to and nobody else understands them.  Nobody wants to hear your problems.  Psychic lines provide an escape from reality for most people.

If you feel that you are spending your savings on psychics, then you most likely have a psychic addiction.  A psychic reading is meant for entertainment purposes only.  When you let them rule your life and cause you financial hardship, it is a problem.  This is a lot like a gambling addiction.

Psychic hotlines say that 90% of their clients are women usually calling about a failed romance or failed business.  Most want to know if he is going to call anytime soon or what is going to happen in love.  It can be a painful experience for most women that are hurting and wanting to be loved.  The psychic line may seem like a perfect solution at the time. However, it can be devastating to spend your hard earned money on something that may not even be real.

If you are a woman that feels she needs counseling because of a psychic addiction, then seek counseling. It is usually your best way to seeking help.

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