Psychotherapy: What Does This Have to do with Rehab?

Psychotherapy: What Does This Have to do with Rehab?

Are you thinking about going into a drug/alcohol treatment program?  You are on the right track to getting sober.  Drug and alcohol counselors across the United States are waiting for you to reach out to them right now.  It is always best to connect with a counselor that will understand what you are going through.  There is a lot of drama that happens in a person’s life when they are addicted.  Psychotherapy is a must when it comes to addiction says

A lot of people enter into rehab with prescription abuse problems.  Many people today are addicted to opioids and pain killers.  Getting through this addiction is difficult.  When someone is going in for treatment, they are positioning themselves for a brand new life.  The different types of counseling that work are: family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapies.

Your body becomes physically dependent on the drug, but your psychological mind also feels the need to keep taking drugs.  Our mind is powerful.  We often think that we need something just because we have been doing it for so long.  Experts in the field of psychology say that it takes 21 days to change a habit.  Your mind needs that length of time to stop doing what you have been doing all along. It is necessary to do since you have a lot of issues going on inside of you.

Individual therapy gives the client a sense of privacy with their therapist.  They get one on one attention for the issues that they have been dealing with.   Often it is hard to discuss issues such as: molestation, physical abuse and love relationships in a group setting.  Group therapy works great because you can talk out your issues with peers that often have gone through something similar as you.

It is important to choose an outpatient or inpatient care program.  In some cases, outpatient care may be acceptable.  Most drug addicts and alcoholics need a 30 day inpatient program to take themselves out of their environment in order to have a life change.  Some people do well in an outpatient program.  An outpatient program allows the addict to maintain a regular lifestyle that they are used to. They often don’t have to leave their jobs.  Some outpatient programs have psychotherapy or group meetings during the week.

Before a person leaves their rehabilitation program, they should feel psychologically and physically well balanced. If this is not your experience, you should find out what you can do in order to make yourself more peaceful.  Some people need longer treatment programs than others. It is not uncommon for someone to stay at a rehab for 60 or 90 days.  It is best to speak with the treatment center in order to find out how long of a program you need.




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