Ramsey New Jersey: Not Much Illegal Drug Dependence Here

Ramsey New Jersey: Not Much Illegal Drug Dependence Here

Ramsey New Jersey is a borough of Bergen County N.J.  It is located just 26 miles outside of midtown Manhattan. There are roughly 14,273 people that live in this community.  It is considered an upscale and family oriented neighborhood.   There is not much of an illegal drug dependence happening here.

Some counties in Bergen County do have a problem with drug addiction, but this is not one of them.  You will find that the community doesn’t have a lot of drug dealers running around dealing prescription drugs, heroin and cocaine to kids.

Some counties in New Jersey have a problem with heroin and other drugs. Newark, NJ is said to have one of the highest heroin abuse cases.  There are an estimated 1,827 cases reported in 2012.   Other counties with drug problems are: Jersey City, Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden and Brick.  It seems that the more south you go in Bergen County, the problems tends to grow bigger. It is important to report a drug crime in your neighborhood if you have a problem with drugs/alcohol.

The best way for residents of Ramsey New Jersey to help other counties is to educate them of the harmful effects of drug use.  Education helps people to understand what drug abuse does to families and friends of those addicted to drugs.  Many people have heroin overdoses each year.  Losing someone to drugs is devastating for an entire community.

Once your body becomes dependent on an illegal drug such as heroin or crack cocaine, it is hard to come off of it without a rehab assisting you. There are over 18,000 rehabs in the United States that assist men and women that want freedom from their addiction.  Many ex addict groups meet regularly to discuss addiction.  It is always a good idea to have a community outreach to educate residents about the harm of drug abuse.  Many parents find out that their son/daughter has a drug problem after they start stealing from them or resulting to prostitution.





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