Rehab: No Phone! No Computer! No Texting! Why Not?

Rehab: No Phone! No Computer! No Texting! Why Not?

There are a lot of 30 day inpatient programs that do not allow you to have a cell phone, computer or texting while you are in treatment. Treatment centers often have strict rules for men and women coming into their facility. The main reason why these items are often not allowed to be used is because the treatment facility wants you to focus in on you and not on another person calling you. When someone goes into rehab, it is important that they understand that they are there to heal and recover. A rehab program is meant to focus on you. Most often, electronics are a distraction for people in a treatment center.

Rehabs know that a cell phone gives you access to people that used to enable you. You need to stay away from the places, people and instances that caused you to become addicted in the first place. Nobody gets addicted without the help of someone else. Your parents may have enabled you by giving you money or your friend may have told you that you could buy drugs cheaper from a different dealer. Your drug dealer may be trying to get a hold of you. There are so many instances in which a person may have to not use a cell phone or electronic device for months after they get out of rehab. You may have to remove yourself from this for a while until you can better manage your life.

You are in rehab to recover from an addiction. You are not there to play around. You may hate and even despise losing your telephone privileges for a while. However, know that it is only for a few weeks. Once you get out of your 30 day program, you can have your cell phone back. A 30 day program goes fast. You will be surprised to find out that you need help.
Recovery is expensive. You should not waste one single day not focusing on yourself. This may be the only time in your entire life where you can focus in on yourself and nobody else. It is important to understand that in life, you have choices that need to be made. You are in charge of your own life. Use your time wisely at rehab. Follow the rules. Your rehab has been through this process many times and with many types of people. They know that you need help.

If a rehab is allowing their clients to use cell phones, this often interferes with their program. If you drug dealer still has the ability to call you while you are trying to get help for your addiction, this is not a good program to be in. You will eventually see for yourself that drug and alcohol programs work best when no cell phones are involved in the program.

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