Do Rehabs Offer Transportation Services?

do rehabs offer transportation services

Do Rehabs Offer Transportation Services?

When most people think of a rehab facility, they think of a place that is characterized by sterility, with a drab exterior, simple utilitarian design, and small rooms that provide only basic comfort. While there are many rehab facilities that fit this description, many others understand that rehab doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the comforts and activities you take for granted in your normal everyday life.  

In this article, we’ll discuss whether rehabs offer transportation services for patients. This is an important topic for many prospective patients that are wondering whether traveling for rehab is a realistic choice. In doing so, we will also look at other amenities that are offered by rehab facilities such as HARP. The availability of transportation services is a part of the total amenities package available to patients. These amenities are geared towards creating an environment that is enjoyable, stimulating, and allows patients to pursue their interests during an inpatient stay.

Transportation Services

Many rehab facilities do offer some form of transportation services.  The extent of these services depends on the specific institution and the scope of their operations. Some rehab facilities may only employ one driver, in which case transportation services are usually limited to picking up or dropping off patients from airports and other mass-transit hubs. Other rehab facilities may employ numerous drivers and operate a fleet of vehicles.  

In addition to this, well-established rehab facilities offer transportation services that coordinate travel for a prospective patient from the moment they leave their door to the moment they enter the facility.  The extent of the transportation services offered by a rehab facility can provide insight into the scope of their operations and how highly they prioritize making the recovery process as easy as possible.

The goal of transportation services is to facilitate travel of the patient to and from rehab. In line with this, some rehab facilities offer a service model that allows them to coordinate and assist with the patient’s travel from beginning to end. There are a couple of advantages to this model.  The first is that it allows the rehab facility to help prospective patients that may not be able to afford travel to the facility. The second advantage to this type of service is that it allows the rehab facility to make travel for their patients as easy as possible. Top tier rehab facilities have a team of experts that work with the prospective patient to assist them in getting to the rehab facility.

In most cases, this includes booking travel to an airport or mass transit system, booking any hotels that may be necessary, and securing travel once they arrive in the area to the actual facility. Here at HARP, we have a transportation services program that is geared towards being as comprehensive as possible.

We understand that entering rehab is a process that carries with it feelings of anxiety and stress for most prospective patients. Planning and booking travel plans, when added to the other preparations that patients must make, can lead to significantly more stress. By offering this service, rehab facilities are able to make the transition to an inpatient recovery program as easy and seamless as possible.

The type and scope of the transportation services offered by a rehab facility are also influenced by considerations for optimizing patient care. Many prospective patients must understand that transportation services are generally not intended to serve as a taxi service or personal driver.  Rather, facilities that offer transportation services beyond simply bringing patients to and from the airport do so as another aspect of their continuum of care.




Typically, these facilities will offer expanded transportation services that include group trips which allow patients the chance to spend a day outside of the facility for shopping, food, or to see the local area. However, this varies widely depending on the individual addiction, the philosophy of the rehab facility, and the recommendations of the medical professionals crafting your treatment plan. Trips outside of the facility may not be for every patient, so it is important to discuss the options for trips and transportation with your intake advisor during your initial assessment.

Treatment Center Amenities

Transportation services represent one of a variety of amenities that many rehab facilities offer to make the rehab process more comfortable for patients. The transition from one’s normal life to an inpatient rehab program represents a challenge for some patients. The scope and variety of amenities offered can help ease this transition, while also playing an important role in the recovery process.  

Amenities at a rehab facility generally either enhance the comfort of the patient, or offer an opportunity for leisure activities. Both of these categories are important, so it is recommended when looking for a treatment center, you should inquire about the amenities they offer.  Doing so can offer an insight into their view of guests and their treatment philosophy.  

At HARP, we offer a combination of amenities that are offer opportunities for both comfort and leisure. We consider the amenities offered to be an important aspect of the complete continuum of care that we offer. We recognize that the amenities that are available to each patient can have an impact on the overall efficacy of our treatment program, and have tailored our rehab facility to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible. Each individual is different, their needs and the setting they can relax in will vary greatly. Rehab facilities that incorporate a range of opportunities for a more comfortable or relaxing inpatient stay are able to enhance the patient’s time in rehab.

Finding The Right Rehab

In order to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, be sure to inquire about the amenities that your potential rehab facility offers. The location should be one you are comfortable with, and may offer natural beauty and a relaxing setting. Look at the grounds of the facility and ensure that they are clean and well-maintained.  Also spend time looking at the rooms and sleeping arrangements.

Importantly, check to make sure the bed is comfortable. Being able to get a good night’s sleep is an important aspect of the healing process. Most top-tier rehab facilities recognize this, and offer comfortable mattresses and clean linens as part of their amenities. Also find out if your rehab facility offers the option of private patient rooms. For many facilities, it simply isn’t feasible to give each patient their own room. However, if privacy or alone time is important to you, you may want to look for rehab facilities that offer you the option.

When thinking about rehab, many people don’t think about the downtime between classes or treatment. Not only is rehab a place to detox, but part of the journey towards lifelong sobriety is reacquainting yourself with your body and the world around you. Drug rehab centers recognize that this healing process takes time, and can’t be accomplished more quickly simply by piling on activities and therapy sessions. At a certain point, everyone needs time to rest, relax, and reflect. Having a rehab facility that offers the right amenities and the proper setting can help facilitate the process of relaxation and reflection.  

Choosing A Location

The location of a rehab facility can have an enormous impact on the mindset of those undergoing a recovery program there. Physical location is not often thought about when deciding on a rehab facility, except in cases where the location of the facility is very far away from the prospective patient. While the overall goal of any rehab treatment is recovery from drugs or alcohol, the patient must also take into consideration the location of the facility and the time of year that they will be going.  

Some people may not find the physical surroundings or climate very conducive to a successful recovery.  For periods of meditation or quiet contemplation, a nice view or relaxing outdoor area can prove beneficial in their recovery.  Others may have no problem adapting to a rehab facility in an urban or city environment that lacks any significant natural presence.

At its core, finding the right rehab facility for you is a personal choice that seeks to align the institution with your own personal outlook, goals, and views. While some may prefer to find the closest rehab facility to their home, others may wish to find one that is further away. Some may prefer a warmer climate, and others may not care what the weather is like. Each individual must weigh the different pros and cons of each rehab facility before ultimately making the choice that is best for them. Because each person is an individual, some amenities offered a facility may not appeal to you. Others, however, may be used by you on a daily basis. While the central goal of rehab is recovery, ensuring you are comfortable for the duration of your inpatient stay is also an important consideration.

Many rehab facilities move beyond merely improving the comfort of their patients, and instead offer them avenues for exercise or other activities that offer a temporary diversion from their core recovery classes. These can include basketball courts, ping-pong, swimming, or fishing depending on the location of the facility.  Each of these sports tends to encourage the recovering addict to engage in a physical activity, while also creating the opportunity for new connections to arise out of the rehab environment.

Building a solid base of connections with people who are invested in your continued success is important for maintaining long-term success once the inpatient program has finished. Sports centered amenities can aid in the building of these connections, by bringing recovering addicts together in new ways.

Communication in Rehab

The last amenity that deserves some discussion is the presence of wireless internet in the rehab facility. Most rehab facilities have wireless internet, which is something that the vast majority of us take for granted in the modern world. However, it is important to understand that wireless internet may not be permissible for all patients in a rehab facility. The reality is that modern smartphones, while a powerful tool that places an enormous amount of information at our fingertips, can also serve as a distraction.  

Phones may offer a distraction that may not be beneficial to the recovery process, and in some cases, may limit the effectiveness of treatment.  Some treatment paths encourage patients to gain a better understanding of the nuances of how their body and mind work, and work together.

The insights generated from this work can be profoundly beneficial for years to come, as it often allows the recovering addict to gain a greater understanding of themselves that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. For some, frequent interaction with a smartphone can interrupt or stop this important work from ever happening. So, although the specific rehab facility you are looking at may offer wireless internet, understand that the privilege of internet access may be issued on a case by case basis.

Choosing the right rehab facility for you or a loved one can be hard, and the staff at rehab facilities understand this fact. While the main focus of your search should be on finding the top level of care and a treatment program that is tailored to you or your loved one’s individual needs, addiction, and lifestyle, taking into consideration what amenities your prospective facility offers is also important.  

Although amenities are often considered an extra incentive to encourage you to select a facility, they also fulfill a vital role in the recovery process. Remember that inpatient treatment programs can last up to 90 days. Without a robust offering of amenities that mesh with you or your loved one’s lifestyle and interests, the time spent in an inpatient recovery program can seem longer than necessary.

HARP prioritizes the comfort of our patients and takes the approach of providing a comprehensive package of care that includes amenities are often the best choice. We realize that the amenities we offer are not extras, but in fact are part of the complete continuum of care that we offer their patients.

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