Ritalin: Can Your Child Become Addicted to it?

Ritalin: Can Your Child Become Addicted to it?

Many adults that allow their child to take Ritalin say that it is a quick fix to the problem of a child that has little attention span.  The good news is that it is not a known drug that is habit forming or harmful.  The most important ingredient in Ritalin is methylphenidate.   This drug targets the area of the brain that helps you to become more alert and follow directions easier.

Many adults abuse Ritalin by getting it illegally.  Some adults will snort it or take it orally.  In some cases, people have dissolved it in water before taking it.

Over time, a person can develop a tolerance to the drug if taken for any length of time. This becomes a problem over time because it makes it more difficult to treat the ADHD.

A lot of research has been given on the drug Ritalin.  It is not all good news even though it is prescribed by many psychiatrists for their patients.  The National Institute on Drug abuse conducted a study on people that use Ritalin.  They found that people that use Ritalin show the highest amount of people abusing cocaine as well.  This is common in adults.

Ritalin does not lead a person to take cocaine. However, people often take cocaine because they want to get rid of feelings or unwanted situations.  When the Ritalin begins to wear off, people tend to take cocaine in order to feel that high sensation again that one may feel when they are taking heroin.  They are able to focus more in many cases.

If your loved one is suspected of using both Ritalin and cocaine at the same time, it is important to get them some help.   Addicts will often use excuses to take a prescription drug by saying that it was prescribed by a doctor.  However, they often don’t tell you that they are using cocaine, alcohol and other drugs along with it.  People often mask what they are really taking.

Some excuses that addicts use are: everyone is doing it, this is not addictive for me because I can handle it, and my whole family takes drugs and Ritalin at the same time.  Addicts often have excuses as to why they take a cocktail of drugs. You should let your loved one know that they should be honest with their psychiatrist.  Tell them what they are taking so the psychiatrist can tell them what to do next.

Two famous stars that took Ritalin as children were Kurt Cobain and Courtney love.  Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994.  His widow Courtney Love believed that Ritalin was the reason why Kurt Cobain took harder drugs as he got older.  She said that he was always trying to reach that feeling of euphoria.

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