River Phoenix: A Hollywood Legend That Turned to Drugs

River Phoenix: A Hollywood Legend That Turned to Drugs

Most people on the planet today have heard of the legendary actor River Phoenix.  He starred in movies such as: Stand by me, dark blood, running on Empty and My Own Private Idaho.  The young actor died in 1993 from a drug overdose.  He was known to be an active actor, musician and activist.

The early life of River Phoenix seemed to be promising.  He was born in Madras, Oregon to his mother and father named Arlyn and John.  Young River Phoenix moved around a lot with his parents when he was younger.  For a short period, he lived in South America and then in the United States. The states that he lived in were Florida and Los Angeles.

From an early age, he was encouraged by his parents to be in the movies.  He was encouraged to become an actor. By the age of 10, he was already acting professionally on television.  His first movie was entitled, “Explorers.”

His parents were religious and also learned a lot about music through them.   He eventually became a talented young actor in Hollywood.  It is clear that Hollywood does not know all of the facts as to what caused River Phoenix to turn to drugs.  It is clear that the day that he died, he took some drugs in the evening and became ill outside of a nightclub.   His brother call 911 seeking help for him.  When the ambulance arrived, they tried to resuscitate him.  They could not revive him. He died on October 31 in the early hours.  He died at the young age of 23.

Drug addiction often comes along with reasons why someone takes drugs to begin with.  It is unclear as to what may have been troubling him.  Why did he take drugs? Was it because of a Hollywood stressful life?  Was he trying to hide some inner demons?

His family was into spirituality and he was a vegan.  He did not fit the description of someone that would want to take drugs.  He had a good family and believe in helping animals.

Most often, drug addicts have troubled backgrounds and situations in which cause them to turn to drugs.  The life of River Phoenix is one that will always be a mystery.





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