Should a Rehab be Kept Small for Superior Treatment?

Should a Rehab be Kept Small for Superior Treatment?

A lot of treatment centers these days seem to be focused more on profits then patients health.  Some experts in the drug/alcohol treatment field believe that a rehab cannot give proper care to a client if they are too large.  Facilities that have over 100 beds are often focused on maintaining the overhead costs of such a large facility and not on patient needs. Is this a true fact?  Is it better to get treatment at a smaller facility because you will have more staff to patient ratio?

Most treatment centers in the United States have around 30 beds or less in their facility.  As a treatment center grows in popularity, it is not considered uncommon to hear of these centers growing into 150 beds.  A lot of people that have attended larger facilities say that they didn’t feel like their life was focused on enough.  There was often a small client to staff ratio.  They felt lost in the crowd a lot of times. However, if you look at some testimonials at these large treatment centers, some of the people say that they did receive the help that they were looking for.

A lot of treatment centers believe in the philosophy to not let the treatment center grow too big.  Most professionals in the field agree that a treatment center that is to big can’t possibly focus on the needs of the client. There may or may not be any truth to this.



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