Should You Be Concerned About Your Child Drinking Beer?

Should You Be Concerned About Your Child Drinking Beer?

Your child is off to college.  They are about to experience tons of parties that often involve beer drinking.  Many fraternity parties often involve everyone chipping in for a keg of beer.  Your child is also telling you, “Don’t worry mom/dad, I won’t drink that much.”  However, you come to find out that your child’s first year in college is a disaster due to their drinking and partying.

Let us get to a few facts about beer before we continue into the harmful side effects and addictive nature to it.  First, beer contains ethyl alcohol.  Beer is made from the fermentation of grains such as wheat and barley.  It is true that beer does not contain as much alcohol as some other alcoholic beverages.  However, for some, beer is highly addictive.

According to, alcohol impacts every major organ of the body.  It also depresses the major nervous system.  People that drink a lot of beer often experience vomiting and nausea.  In some cases, someone can become unconscious because of it.  In many cases, alcohol is linked to serious birth defects as well.

Drug and alcohol experts often say that having 15 or more drinks a week puts you at a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic.  Many people often lie to themselves by saying, “Beer is not so bad.  I can drink a few cans a week and it will not bother me.”  Perhaps they are not feeling the effects at the time, it is doing harm to your physical vital organs.  Many people come to find that they have developed cirrhosis of the liver due to their drinking.

For many, alcohol consumption is a silent death waiting to happen.   It is not uncommon for an alcoholic to consume six beers a day.  Often, they don’t realize that they are drinking 42 beers a week.  It is not until you put the facts in front of them.  Most people are blinded to the fact that they don’t know how much they are truly drinking.

Another interesting fact is that women who drink beer regularly that have antisocial behaviors are more likely to become beer addicts.  If your husband drinks beer or you drink beer, chances are your child will develop an addiction to it as well.

Most young adults that drink beer are in denial about having one to many.  Most children will tell their parents that they had a couple of beers at the college party over the weekend. However, in reality, they had around 6 or more.

If you find that your child cannot stop drinking beer, they may already have become addicted to the alcohol in the beer. You may have to get them some help from a professional rehab facility.  Their life is on the line and parents are often the first ones to see that their child has a problem.

Talking to your child about their alcohol usage is often the first step in helping them to overcome their drinking.  If your child gets into a drug/alcohol treatment program, they will quickly see some of the reasons why they are drinking to begin with.


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