Should You Call Your Boyfriend While He is in Rehab?

Should You Call Your Boyfriend While He is in Rehab?

Calling your boyfriend in rehab is often not a good idea for several reasons.  For starters, he is going through a lot of personal change.  He is getting in touch with his feelings and emotions with his therapist.  Unfortunately, he is hurting deeply and doesn’t know if he will even make it through the program.

Often, couples argue or say something that makes the other person upset.  You don’t want to trigger any negative emotions while your boyfriend is in rehab.  Your goal is to get him out of rehab feeling happy, sober and fulfilled.  Life challenges can be tough for anyone to handle. Rehab takes time, patience and practice.  When your boyfriend decided to go into rehab, he did it to get better. He saw his family and loved ones telling him that he had to get better because they were worried about him.

Often, a person can check themselves out of rehab if they think that you are in trouble or need them to be by your side. An inpatient program is often 30 days long and time consuming. While in treatment, people often cannot work or see people that they are used to communicating with on a regular basis.

Many rehabs have designated hours in which you can communicate with people that are in the center already.  Some have visitation day in which you can come and see your boyfriend.  There is nothing wrong with seeing your boyfriend on family day if you can keep your cool and let him know that everything is going to be okay.

If you are going to speak with your boyfriend while he is in rehab, don’t upset him about anything.   Clients will often leave a treatment center because of trouble that may be happening at home or within your relationship. If he leaves rehab, there is a high chance that he will return back home with his addictive habits.

It is hard enough getting someone to go to rehab.  Once they are there, it is important to encourage them to stick with the program and to not give up.  Each day that your loved one wakes up is a day that they can heal and get better.



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