Should You Hang Out with People that Like to Get High on Drugs?

Should You Hang Out with People that Like to Get High on Drugs?

Teenagers and young adults are having to make decisions these days on who their friends will be. Every parent wants to imagine that their son or daughter will be friends with someone that is sober.  However, life is not always that easy.  Your child may actually be hanging out with someone that is getting high on a regular basis. Many teens these days like smoking marijuana and see it as an acceptable drug to smoke.  However, marijuana relaxes many people, but it often puts a student to sleep in class.  Other hard drugs like heroin and crack can give your child a high that is highly addictive and can spin their life out of control.

Most teenagers and young adults believe that they are capable of making their own decisions.  They simply want to do what comes naturally to them.  They often don’t understand the concept of, “you become like those you hang around.”  Many young adults that come from families with no prior drug usage often take drugs in order to fit in with the crowd.  They fear being singled out as a “nerd” or someone that doesn’t like to go along with the flow.  If you live in a city or state where drug use is popular, your child may feel a sense of loneliness.

In order to help your child, you are going to have to teach them on why it is not a good idea to hang out with someone that is on drugs.  They most likely will not be interested in what you have to say. However, your words will be with them when they are alone with the drug addicted person.

A lot of young adults often feel pressured into helping someone with their drug and alcohol problem.  They may feel that they want to save their friends life. However, they do not know enough about peer pressure and will often get introduced to drugs because of it.  Instead of saving their friends life, they are now become another user themselves.

The worst way to get your child to do something is to make a demand.  If you tell them that you forbid them to see a certain person, they will often ignore what you have to say and rebel against you.  This happens in both teens and young adults.  Instead of making demands, set time aside to educate your son or daughter. Tell them what you know about the harmful effects of drug use and what they can do to your body.




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