Should You Spend Your Life Savings on Drug Rehab?

Should You Spend Your Life Savings on Drug Rehab?

If you are thinking about treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is a big decision.  Treatment centers often cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $30,000 for a 30 day stay.  In order to answer the question of, should you spend your life savings on drug rehab, you should look at the life of a person.  If you or your loved one doesn’t get into treatment, they will most likely die of an overdose or other drug/alcohol related death.  Can you afford treatment?

If you think about it, how much is the drug/alcohol problem costing you each month?  If you are spending $2,000 a month on alcohol/drugs, then in one year you have spent $24,000.  This is what many drug addicts/alcoholics are spending on a monthly basis.  Some people spend years spending this type of money on their addiction.

If you don’t help your loved one now or get help for yourself, the money will not matter because death is waiting at the door.  It is a sad fact that thousands of people die each year from a drug/alcohol related death.  There are numerous cases of people getting drunk behind the wheel and killing someone as well.  In reality, they will have to now spend their entire life savings on lawyers and will most likely have to go to jail anyways.  You can look at it in many different ways.  However, no matter how you “slice the cake”, your loved one needs help. Without the help of an alcohol and drug treatment program, you and your loved one are going to have a problem.  Learning more about your sobriety takes time and effort.  Learning more about yourself is the surest way of learning how to find the help that you need.

Your life does not have to be surrounded by negativity.  You can continue to allow yourself to grow with time and getting sober on a regular basis.  Drug rehab does cost money.  However, getting help is a full commitment.  It often takes a “wake up call” to get someone interested in treatment.  If you wait too long, then it can be a problem for yourself.  Learning how to be sober takes time and this is why a treatment center comes in handy.  You can eventually learn how to get you or your loved one into treatment.  Learning to be sober is the best way to understanding life in general.  It involves both psychological and physical aspects to living.  You can easily learn more about life from 12 step programs and what treatment facilities can offer you.






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