Soccer Moms Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Soccer Moms Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The term “soccer mom” stands for mothers that are involved in their children’s after school activities. Some soccer moms deal with picking up and dropping their sons and daughters off for practice at baseball, football and other sports.  Some moms are known as the cool mom. However, are cool mom’s really “cool” if they are allowing their teenage children to drink alcohol and get high with their friends?  The truth of the matter is that there is nothing cool about getting drunk and high.  It will eventually destroy a person’s life and there are many young adult deaths reported each year from drugs and alcohol.

Most teenagers want to see their mother and father as being the cool parents.  Cool parents are those that allow house parties that often contain drugs and alcohol.  A lot of moms and dads are afraid of saying no to their children in fear that they will start to avoid them.  In a recent article published by, a home was visited because of loud music by the police. A parent answered the door and the officer asked the mother if there was underage drinking happening in the home.  The woman said yes and didn’t seem to have a problem with it.  When police gave the teens breathalyzers, some of the underage drinkers had alcohol readings as high as .12.

This woman is not alone.  Many parents don’t have a problem with their teens drinking with their friends at home. However, it is against the law and police officers have the right to arrest parents for serving drinks to minors.

A lot of parents think that their child is responsible and can handle the alcohol.  However, the law doesn’t say that.  It says that you must be 21 to drink alcoholic beverages in the United States.

Many parents forget that just because you may not have a problem with your child drinking, doesn’t mean that another parent doesn’t.  The person serving drinks to minors will actually be responsible for the death of a minor if it alcohol was found in their system at the time of a car accident or murder.  If the police can trace it back to you, you are going to have a legal problem on your hands.

A lot of parents try to turn a blind eye to drug and alcohol abuse in order to not get on the bad side of their children.  Many parents feel lonely today because of divorce and broken relationships.  They often want to make friends with their children in order not to feel lonely. However, a child’s mind is not fully developed on an adult level.  The best way to handle underage drinking in your home is to just say no.  At the end of the day, other parents will be holding you personally responsible for their children’s safety.  If something should go wrong legally, all fingers will be pointing to you.


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