Social Integration Happens in Rehab

Social Integration Happens in Rehab

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they often lose touch with society.  They may feel as though they don’t fit in.  People in everyday life have to go to work and support themselves with a job. A person coming out of rehab may forget what that is like.  They may have gotten used to a lifestyle that has a lot to do with asking people for money and not working.  Drug and alcohol addiction often cause a person to depend on others to take care of them.

A great way for someone to be connected to a social group or organization is by joining one that they can relate to.  A great group is Alcoholics Anonymous.  The good news is that these groups meet regularly and help people with addictions.  Sharing your story of overcoming your addiction is a great way to meet friends that share something that you have gone through personally.

For addicts, connecting with new groups that will help them to stay sober is a good way for them to feel complete.  In rehab, a client may get experience with social integration by connecting with their fellow peers at the treatment center that they are assigned to.  They may feel a sense of belonging because someone there connects well with them.  You can easily find someone to connect with when you allow yourself to be heard.  Tell others in the group what you were facing before you went into rehab. You may find that a lot of people connect with your story and can actually become a friend.

When it comes to work, it is important for someone to have a job when they leave rehab. This will give someone the sense of accomplishment.  Accomplishments happen when people are doing something meaningful with their lives.

Many addicts can’t remember a time in their life when they were able to look at a paycheck.  A lot of addicts have never gotten a check in their life because they were addicted to a substance for so long.

Many ex-addicts that leave rehab find that sports is a great way to connect with people.  You can build strong friendships with men and women if you are part of a team.  Exercise also allows someone to build healthy strong muscle and relaxation throughout the day.

Attending a religious activity is helpful as well.  For starters, when you leave rehab, you will be encouraged to stay close to your high power. It is important to have God in your life because he is love.  When you go to a religious service, you can connect with fellow believers who will understand you.  It is important to allow yourself to feel a sense of freedom when it comes to worship.

Working on your relationship with your loved one is important.  If you are married, it is important to remind your spouse that you love them.  It is important to build the relationship back to a state in which you can be happy.

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