Some Medications Can Cause a Person to Commit Murder

Some Medications Can Cause a Person to Commit Murder

For years, professionals that deal with drug addiction have said that some drugs influence a person to commit murder. In the June 1 edition of the Journal World Psychiatry found that some drugs such as prescription medications (painkillers, antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers) can increase someone’s chances of killing another human being.

Many criminals that went to prison for school shootings have had a history of taking anti-depressants. Does everyone have these effects? The answer to this question is no. However, there is enough evidence to point that some of these psychiatric drugs are causing people to have a loss of impulse control. According to, a lead author and professor named Dr. Jari Tiihonen said that the only surprise he had was that painkillers have this affect as well. (

• The study found that antidepressant drugs increase the risk of homicide by thirty one percent.

• There was a 45% increase of people committing homicide by using tranquilizers.
• If a person uses opioid pain relievers, there is an increase of 92% that they will commit homicide.
• There is a 200% chance that a person will commit a homicide if they use anti-inflammatory painkillers.

I don’t find these findings hard to believe at all. In fact, most people are in prison because they were using drugs or drinking alcohol at the time of the crime. Some of these drugs were prescription drugs that were prescribed to them by a medical doctor. Here are some people that you may or may not be familiar with. They were convicted of doing school shootings. They were all under the influence of a drug:

Cory Baadsgaard – Only 16 years old. He was taking the drug Paxil and it caused him to have hallucinations. He took a rifle into Washington state high school and took 23 classmates as his hostages. Shockingly, he has no memory of this even happening.

Chris Fetters – This 13 year old boy was taking Prozac when he decided to kill his favorite aunt.
Christopher Pittman – While taking Zoloft, he murdered his grandparents. He was only twelve years old.
Alex Kim – Only 13 years old. When his Lexapro prescription was doubled, he decided to hang himself.
Kurt Danysh – When he was 18, he killed his father with a shotgun. He was taking Prozac. Kurt is now behind bars telling people to stay away from SSRI drugs.
Hammad Memon – He was 15 years old when he shot and killed a fellow student. He was taking Zoloft and other drugs to treat his ADHD.
Asa Coon – Only 14 years old. Asa shot and killed four people and then took his own life. He was taking Trazadone.
Matthew Miller – Was taking Zoloft for 6 days and then hung himself in his bedroom closet. Only 13 years old.
Jeff Weise – Sixteen years old. His doctors prescribed him to take three times the average dosage of Prozac. He shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and students from Minnesota. In total, there were 12 wounded and 10 people dead.

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