Some Natural Herbs to Calm Your Anxiety

Some Natural Herbs to Calm Your Anxiety

Before taking any herb, it is important to check with your medical doctor and licensed psychiatrists. Some herbs can interfere with your medication. Here is a short article about natural herbs that are used for anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and so much more.

Chamomile Tea – If you have ever had a stressful today, coming home to a hot cup of chamomile tea can truly make your day. It is known as the calm tea. People that have trouble sleeping often find comfort after drinking a cup of this tea. They can often sleep better. Some people don’t believe in the power of herbs. However, a study by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia gave a test for people that struggled with anxiety. They found that after 8 weeks of drinking chamomile tea, patients were significantly calmer and had a significant drop in anxiety. The study showed that the tea did in fact make people less anxious over time.

Green Tea – If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may find green tea helpful. There is an amino acid in the tea called L-theanine. This amino acid assists in keeping your blood pressure low and heart rate as well. In order to use green tea effectively, it is recommended that you use this a few times a day. There is an old time story of Japanese monks drinking this tea and meditating shortly thereafter. They were able to meditate for hours. Was it truly the result of the tea? Many people say so. Many monks today drink green tea throughout Asia.

Valerian – This herb was actually approved by the German government to treat insomnia. The proper way to take this is through a capsule. The smell of Valerian is known as being nasty. It simply smells bad so people take it in pill form. It is suggested that you only take this herb before bedtime. People that take it say that it makes you drowsy. Therefore, you should never take this herb and then drive a car.

Passionflower – Another drug approved by the German government for treating anxiety. Some studies in Germany found that using passionflower can be just as effective as using a prescription medication. It is interesting how “mother nature” is starting to have an effect on modern day medicine in some countries.

Besides herbs, there are other ways to calm your anxiety to include:

• Running
• Exercise
• Deep Breathing Exercises
• Group Meetings
• Therapy
• Nutritious Food

It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders when it comes to proper nutrition, medication and the use of herbal supplements.

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