Spread the Message to Stay Sober with T-Shirts

Spread the Message to Stay Sober with T-Shirts

Your clothes say a lot about you most fashion experts say.  If you wear revealing clothing, it says that you want people to notice your body. If you tend to wear lose and big clothing, you would rather have nobody comment about your body.  Your fashion sense is a part of you.  If you look sloppy, many fashion experts say that you don’t care about yourself.

Your clothes can say a lot about your sobriety as well.  Some people that want others to be sober wear t-shirts that often say, “Stay Sober”, “Keep Calm and Stay Sober”, “Here to Stay Sober” and many more.  https://www.zazzle.com/keep_calm_and_stay_sober_tee-235142393065549982

May websites today have amazing fashion for former addicts?  You will actually get compliments on your clothes from people that are trying to stay sober like yourself.  Sober t-shirts also remind people to stay sober.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  These are great to wear at parties and meetings where people need to stay sober.



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