The Dangers of Using Heroin: HIV and AIDS

The Dangers of Using Heroin: HIV and AIDS

The world began to fear getting the virus HIV and AIDS somewhere in the 1980’s.  Parents were often seen on television saying that children with the virus should not be allowed in school.  The thought of dying from a virus that they did not understand was scary for most people.

As you can imagine, the HIV and AIDS epidemic is still here in the 21st century.  There is no vaccine that can keep HIV and AIDS from entering your system. However, it is clear that people that get the virus experience extreme life changes.  Many people do live for years with HIV. Some celebrities like Earvin Magic Johnson are one of the oldest living people with the virus.

People that use heroin often contact the virus through using shared needles.  Heroin often puts addicts into a state of mind where they don’t pay attention to what they are doing half of the time.  Unfortunately, once you get HIV or AIDS, you have to live with it for life.  They have some medications that help people to deal with the virus. However, there is no known cure.

Many people that use heroin say that they are not afraid of getting HIV because Magic Johnson lives with it.  What they do not often know is that Magic Johnson does not live a lifestyle of the average person that has HIV.  For instance, he works out regularly and eats healthy foods. If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford the kinds of food that he eats every day. You also may not be able to work out as much as he does.  Most people that have HIV have to work normal 9-5 schedules.  Magic Johnson has the liberty to work the hours that he chooses and if he chooses.  He is a wealthy celebrity.

It is important to not assume that all will work well for you if you contact the virus.  In fact, you may have trouble keeping a relationship. Many couples break up after a partner gets HIV or AIDs because they fear getting the virus as well.


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