The Easiest Places to Find Work for Ex Alcoholic and Drug Addicts

The Easiest Places to Find Work for Ex Alcoholic and Drug Addicts

If you used to be addicted to drugs, you may have gotten a felony or have a criminal record.  Many ex drug addicts have a difficult time getting jobs because of it. Here are a few suggestions for you.  Restaurants often hire new employees with criminal records for positions as: dishwashers, waiters, waitresses, cooks, prep cooks, maintenance, janitorial services and hosts. Another great industry is construction.  Most “mom and pop” construction companies hire people with criminal records.  Some of the job titles are: painters, junk removal crew members, pick up drivers, yard work, landscapers, roofers and much more. Fast food chains often hire with job titles such as: cashier, maintenance and cooks.

If you wish to work for yourself, try starting your own dog walking route or pet sitting service.  You can start this right out of your home.  Other great self-employed jobs are: computer repair expert, haircutter, life insurance agent, personal trainer, phone psychic, real estate agent and carpet cleaner.

It is important that you think of a job as a way to build trust again with companies.  Most companies don’t want to take a risk on employees that have prior criminal backgrounds. However, these jobs that are listed above often hire people with or without a criminal record.




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