Our History

Years of helping others recover


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Honesty, Assertiveness, Responsibility, and Peace:

The Core Beliefs That Form the Foundation for HARP

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of individualized addiction treatment by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative treatment approaches. This model increases sobriety success rates, save lives, and helps more people recover from addiction and alcoholism.


Our Vision

To redefine the entire treatment experience. We understand that no two individuals are the same. Therefore, no two treatment plans should be either. We offer clients a variety of proven recovery methods, allowing us to match each client with the ideal treatment plan for them. Our innovative continuing care plan works further to ensure the highest likelihood of sustainable sobriety.


About Us

HARP Palm Beach is a premier drug treatment and rehabilitation center located in picturesque Palm Beach, Florida. Our experienced staff consisting of doctors, nurses, licensed mental health counselors, and certified therapists work together to treat individuals ages 18 years and older who are struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness.

Our unique and proven approach to treatment reflects the core principles that form the foundation for successful recovery: Honesty, Assertiveness, Responsibility, and Peace. Through our core principle plan, we encourage our clients to integrate these four principles into every aspect of their lives. If an individual has the ability to incorporate these principles into their everyday lives, sobriety is inherent.


The HARP Difference

Our client-centric, therapeutically intensive approach is unique amongst other treatment centers. We believe that in order to properly treat addiction and alcoholism, one must address the underlying issues while utilizing a holistic approach. We tailor every treatment plan for each client individually, thus ensuring that every patient addresses his or her specific needs.

We also assist the client in understanding any possible barriers that may stand in the way of a successful treatment experience and a life of sobriety. Upon a thorough assessment and clear understanding of the client, we are able to develop the most effective path to recovery. Through this individualized approach, our clients are equipped with the choice, purpose, vision, and goals to achieve and maintain a continuous sober lifestyle.

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