The Link Between Prostitution and Drug Addiction

The Link Between Prostitution and Drug Addiction

A lot of women and men turn to prostitution in order to pay for their drug addiction.  Once a person gets addicted to drugs such as heroin and crack, their body constantly needs to be fed the drug in order for someone not to go into withdrawal.  Withdrawal is a painful situation in which a person has extreme sweats and it can be life threatening.  It is important to get checked into a professional and licensed detox center for help.

Many prostitutes on the street today are prostituting themselves in order to pay for the drugs.  A heroin addiction can often cost around $200.00 per day.  Once addicted, a person cannot stop taking the drug on their own.  A person often loses sight of who they are and turn to prostitution in order to have way to pay for the drugs.

Many drug addicts are ashamed of their prostitution and often hide it from their families.  Families often find out that their loved one is a prostitute by word of mouth or because they have gotten arrested by the police.

Prostitution is often quick and easy money for someone needed their next hit.  Some prostitutes work for as little as $20.00 to only pay for their drug of choice.  There are some prostitutes that earn as much as $400.00 an hour.  Often, the drug world sees a lot of prostitution.  Some people sell their body for drugs and others sell it for financial gain.

When a person is addicted to drugs, they often cannot afford to pay for their daily supply.  Some drug addicts resort to stealing from their families and friends. However, this is often not enough money to pay for a habit.  Without rehab, a person’s life becomes out of control.  If you know someone that has a drug and alcohol problem, chances are that they are engaging in some type of prostitution.  The more addicted a person becomes to drugs, the worse that they get.

When someone goes through treatment, they learn how to stay away from the drug that got them addicted.  They also learn how to live a life without drugs and alcohol.  Learning how to live a sober life takes time, therapy and treatment.


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