The Major Organs that Get Destroyed from Drinking Too Much Alcohol

The Major Organs that Get Destroyed from Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcoholism is a destructive disease that can kill the body and destroy the spirit.  Without rehabilitation, a person can die.  Alcohol effects 5 major organs to include: heart, brain, liver, pancreas and kidneys.  When someone dies of alcoholism, they often die of cirrhosis of the liver.  It cannot be cured, but treatment can help.

Alcohol effects the heart negatively if taken in high doses because it weakens your heart muscle. If you drink a glass of red wine, it is actually not bad for your heart since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, if you drink a bottle of it a few times a week, you can experience blood flow irregularities.  Some symptoms that alcohol may be negatively effecting your heart are: shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.  As we all know, you cannot live without your heart. We must take care of this vital organ by exercising regularly and not abusing it with fatty foods and excessive alcohol.

Your brain was not meant to soak up so much alcohol.  Drinking too much alcohol can damage different areas of your brain.  You can experience depression, seizures, anxiety and memory loss.

We cannot live without our liver.  It is important to keep it strong.  We need our livers to digest food and to rid our body of toxins.  When someone is diagnosed with alcoholism, they often see negative results effecting their liver. The liver is only around 7 to 10.5 cm.  Our pancreas can often become inflamed.

Our kidneys become affected because they won’t be able to regulate the flow of body fluids.  Our electrolytes get disturbed as well.  Alcoholism is the 2nd leading cause of kidney failure as well.

Most people don’t think about the harmful effects of alcohol when they are drinking. They are often forgetting that alcohol is actually abusing their bodies and causing them to not function as well as they should if we were not drinking alcohol.

We often don’t wake up to the realization that we have a problem until we either end up in a hospital or a drug and alcohol treatment center.


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