The Most Drug Addicted Cities in the United States

The Most Drug Addicted Cities in the United States

Heavy drug usage is often seen in large cities and populations.  However, size is not always a factor.  Sometimes, small towns are affected by drug use as well.  You often hear about heroin problems in New York and New Jersey. However, one of the highest populations for drug addiction is actually in the state of Montana.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration, the city with the highest amount of drug users was Missoula, Montana.  The city has a problem with methamphetamines. Shockingly, 13.8% of usage per household was also found.

When a city or town is bombarded by drug use, we must examine the reasons why it may be the case.  For instance, is there a higher rate of child molestation being reported?  Is there higher rates of addiction that runs in the family?  There has to be a carefully analysis of what may be triggering people to turn to drugs/alcohol.  Often, people abuse drugs/alcohol because of an underlying issue.

Another small population in New Mexico is affected by heavy drug use.  This town is called Espanola.  It has only 10,000 residents, but is ranked in the top ten of people overdosing on drugs.

In Washington D.C., it is reported by the Drug Enforcement Administration that cocaine and crack are the most widely used drug that the city is dealing with.  Often, one drug is a problem more than another in a population.  It is said that heroin is a problem in NJ and NYC.

Is a city ever really safe from drugs? Not really.  For instance, Forbes magazine said that Columbus Ohio was amongst their top fifty safest cities to live in.  However, in 2011, Columbus reported to have 1,765 drug overdose deaths.  There is a high usage of OxyContin in Columbus.  Is any city ever truly safe?

The only way to be safe from drugs is to simply not use them.  Stay away from people that use drugs and don’t entertain drug use in your own life.  The fact is that you can find drugs in any city, town or state.  If you are looking for something, you are most likely going to find it.




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