The Psychological Effects of Addiction

The Psychological Effects of Addiction

Addiction is a mental battle that most addicts have to deal with for life.  Most alcohol and drug addicts say that they struggle with staying sober for life.  No matter if they are 20 or 60, the battle is intense for them.  It helps to attend weekly AA meetings or rehabilitation programs from time to time.  However, they always seem to dig deep down inside of their hearts to find out why they are doing drugs/alcohol to begin with.  Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome.

The reason why people are addicted to begin with is because they are struggling with either moral or spiritual issues.  If a person feels disconnected from God, they will often turn to drugs/alcohol to solve their problems.  Christians often turn to Jesus when they are having a hard time with their addiction.  When you feel like you have a higher power watching over you, a person tends to want to do the right thing.  When someone feels like they are disconnected from God, they often do what comes natural to them such as drinking and doing drugs.

Addiction should be treated with education.  According to, “addiction is caused by a lack of motivation.”  When a person feels that they don’t have to stay sober, they simply won’t.

Families suffer alongside the addict. Watching someone throw their life away is not an easy thing to witness.  Many families are devastated to find out that their family member is addicted.  It is hard to overcome this battle and many people say that they cannot understand how addiction works completely.

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