Think Marijuana is Safe to Smoke? Here are the Harmful Effects of Smoking Pot

Think Marijuana is Safe to Smoke? Here are the Harmful Effects of Smoking Pot

Many rappers, high school students and doctors tell you that smoking marijuana is acceptable.  Some people believe that marijuana is not bad for your body.  You may have heard your friends say, “Everyone is smoking pot these days. It is cheap to buy and not harmful if you smoke it.” Here are a few facts that you should know if you are thinking about smoking pot or wanting to know what harmful effects it has on your body.

Marijuana has a makeup of toxic chemicals.  This is a lot like when you smoke cigarettes.  Marijuana smokers say that they often experience coughing, wheezing and phlegm.  Some smokers experience bronchitis and asthma.

You can experience a faster heart beat by 20 to 50 beats per minute. If you have heart disease, it can raise your risk of having a heart attack.  Your eyes become red because the pot causes the blood vessels in your eyes to expand.  This is the result of THC being found in the system.

Some men and women complain that they suffer from a burning sensation in their mouth and throat from smoking weed.  New research is starting to show that marijuana may damage the immune system.  This makes you more vulnerable to illnesses and sickness.

Other negative effects of smoking pot are: trouble remembering, slowed reaction time, having the munchies, accelerated heartbeat, impaired judgement and lung irritation.

If you suffer from insomnia, marijuana may be the cause of it since it affects sleep.  Marijuana smoke is also 3 to 5 times more toxic than tobacco smoke.  You inhale carbon monoxide and tar into your system when you smoke pot.  This actually increases your chances of getting cancer.

Marijuana causes some people to feel a lack of motivation.  Other studies show an increase in panic attacks and premature births in pregnant women.

After reading all of the above facts, do you still think that smoking marijuana is harmless?  It is a lot different than what you may have heard on television or from a rap song.  Marijuana is often glorified in music, movies and television shows.

Help your friends to understand that smoking marijuana is not as safe as people say it is.  People that smoke it often get addicted to the drug and have trouble stopping.  It is a lot like a cigarette smoking addiction.







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