Family Program

Recovery is a Group Effort

At HARP we understand that addiction affects the entire family, not just the individual with the disease. As a result, we developed our Family Program to help the entire family heal from the wounds that addiction may cause. Through our Family Program, we treat both the individual suffering from addiction as well as their loved ones who have been impacted by the disease.

Our integrated family workshops teach family members and loved ones about appropriate boundaries and healthy behaviors to ensure a smooth transition back into normal life. The education and support provided during these workshops helps to empower families to take back control of their lives. Through our experience, we’ve seen tremendous success from the Family Program. Those clients whose families continued to be a constant presence in their lives throughout treatment remained motivated throughout the process and had a stronger chance at a lasting recovery.

We encourage all of our clients and their families to participate in our Family Program and believe that it truly does make a difference in the treatment process. If you’d like more information about this excellent program, call us now at 561-379-3299.

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