Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment


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Redefining Addiction Treatment Programs

For those who have been to treatment before or who require medically assisted detox, residential inpatient treatment is recommended. Oftentimes, patients who have completed a drug abuse or anlcohol treatment program prior to arriving at HARP have a particularly unmanageable lifestyle and the severity disease has caused physical, legal, or emotional problems.

We understand that alcohol abuse and addiction are very serious diseases and a challenge to overcome, which is why we designed our substance abuse treatment facilities to make each client feel like they are in the comfort of their own homes.  When receiving substance abuse treatment, clients enjoy private or semi-private rooms on a secluded, safe, waterfront property at our facilities on peaceful Singer Island, Florida.

Our Residential Inpatient Treatment facility is geared towards clients in need of thirty, sixty, or ninety days of supervised treatment due to the severity of their disease.  To ensure that our clients are safe, comfortable, and accountable, we have doctors and clinicians on call 24/7.

A Typical Day at HARP

A typical day at HARP treatment facility consists of individual and group therapy sessions, intensive process groups, and family dynamics groups. These helpful programs are complemented with mental health & spiritual counseling, fitness training, massage, acupuncture, and yoga. We also offer an integrated family workshop for families and their loved ones who wish to participate. Everything we do at HARP is designed to help our clients meet their ultimate goal of successful recovery and sobriety from drug abuse or alcohol addiction.

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