12-Step Alternatives

A Different Approach to Healing


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12-Step Alternatives

When looking for recovery options, many people turn to Alcoholics Anonymous and other spin-off rehabilitation programs often characterized by a 12-step process to recovery. However, this isn’t the only path to recovery, and it may not be effective for everyone trying to recover from substance abuse. HARP Treatment Center utilizes one of the oldest, most proven 12-step alternative recovery models in the treatment world.

Many people seeking sobriety for one reason or another may be looking for life in sobriety “other” than what the 12 Steps may offer. For one reason or another, some are just not willing to accept the 12 steps into their life, possibly due to their secular beliefs, or the lifestyle demands required by the 12 step programs and principles.  There are also those cases of those that have repeatedly failed in a 12 step program and have simply lost hope.

HARP is the only program that offers this alternative form of treatment. We are honored to say HARP can help everyone, both in the 12 Step traditional methods and those looking for something different.

HARP is proven to help more people recover than any other program.  Similar to a cutting-edge cancer center offering more than one treatment, HARP can provide more than one recovery model thereby helping those that fail at an alternate method.  The results, we can help more people get sober and lower the terribly high failure rate in addiction treatment, and most importantly save more lives.

HARPs exclusive clinical model is an eclectic form of intensive, cognitive behavioral therapy that has been in practice since the 1970’s. It was designed to assist people that are struggling with addiction and alcoholism, co- dependency, enabling, and the various other forms of unhealthy behaviors that associated with substance abuse.

Originally founded as an outpatient practice, this model assisted not only the struggling addict or alcoholic but also provided family support and knowledge first hand to the loved ones of those actively in their addiction.

The outpatient program is an established therapeutic modality still offered to this day, and offered to patients on a local level. It’s one of the most widely respected and well known non 12 step groups in the country and it attracts people worldwide who are serious about sobriety.

In concurrence with the opening of HARP’s residential and intensive outpatient programs, HARP brought together a team of the most respected doctors and masters level clinicians, as well as 12 step advocates to assist in modifying this model specifically for for HARP’s inpatient and intensive outpatient continuum.

The primary difference between this specialized model and the 12 steps, is that this form of therapy is directed by a licensed mental health counselor.  Whereas the 12 steps is a recovery lifestyle (not therapy), typically lead by a peer with no formal education or addiction training.

Any addiction professional can attest that to achieve sustainable sobriety, a patient must address their underlying issues, and this is only achieved through intensive work with a qualified and experienced clinician.

This is where HARP separates themselves from the competition. Our clinicians and doctors have over 100 years of combined clinical experience in substance abuse and mental health.

Furthermore, the trusting relationships built between HARP clinicians and patients ensure the trust and rapport needed to establish a safe relationship where a patient will find the comfort and security to divulge their deepest darkest secrets that are at the core of their self-destructive behavior.


The Philosophy

Due to its high success rate and individualized approach, this method is a primary focus of HARP Treatment Center’s clinical milleu. A truly unique model, this form of treatment combines cognitive behavioral modification with other therapeutic interventions to create a highly client-centric treatment experience designed to address the underlying issues.

At HARP, we believe that every addict or alcoholic has their own specific issues that must be addressed in order to achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety. Using the Palm Beach Group Method, we help our client’s identify and address these issues in a healthy way, allowing them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The HARP Difference

HARP is the only treatment center that offers a variety of recovery methods including  our propriety HARP model, plus the 12 Steps. We are have an effective continuing care plan for addictive and compulsive behaviors. In order to recover properly, one must extend their trust to the people helping them.

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